Oil and Gas Plant Equipment and Process | 1st Part

Processing of a chemical plant is more likely to refinery plant. In both place chemical bonds of the hydrocarbon molecules in feed-stocks are breaking apart by heat. The main raw materials in a plant to make product are feed-stocks. To know more you can visit this page of Preston Renewable Energy . Here I also show the processing system of a Chemical Plant.

            Boilers and Furnaces: They both are the most needed things of a chemical plant. Boilers and Furnaces are the first step of processing. Sometimes feed-stocks are bought in the chemical plant as a solid form like pellets or powder. Then, you have to melt these to use. To melt them you have to heat them by boilers. After get heating, the feed-stocks are melting into liquid and then you can use them.

Cooling Towers: To process a chemical plant you need a huge amount of water. You can collect it from lake or river. After ending the process you need to back the water into river or lake from where you collect. But, before sending back the water to river you have to cool them down. Cooling tower is a maze-like structure and it is used for cooling down the water in a plant. It is a system by which you can easily cool down the water and go back to them into river or lake.

Heat Exchangers: Heat exchanger is a kind of machine that can boost up your production and cut off the wastage air from your production line. It uses fluids that have waste heat that is unusable. Heat exchangers have large pipe include small pipe insert it. The small pipes bear cool liquids to be melted. There is room in the middle of small pipe and large pipe. In this space the waste heat fluids are flow everywhere in the pipe.

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